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The staff at Sonoma Splash work to develop a comprehensive aquatics program for all Sonoma Valley residents and students, including:

  • Youth swim lessons
  • Adult programs, such as lap swimming, master swimming, swim lessons, and aquatic fitness
  • Senior fitness programs
  • Club sports, such as swim team and water polo
  • Special Needs programming including athletic rehab, aquatics therapy, and Special Olympics,
  • Summer Programs such as youth camps, recreational swim team, and Red Cross certification programs
  • Open Community and Family Swim
  • Events such as pool parties and free community swim days
  • Sonoma Sea Dragons year round competitive swim team

Below are some of the classes that are included when you purchase a pass either online or at the pool.  Check out the current schedule at the bottom of this page for days and times. 


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[If you’re having trouble viewing this calendar, please click here.]

Much like Tai Chi and Qigong, Ai Chi focuses on gentle, slower, flowing movements, along with deep breathing to promote relaxation, balance, strength and flexibility.  You’ll have a harmonious day after practicing your Ai Chi! 

To best enjoy the soothing, smooth movements of Ai Chi, one should remain warm.  In cool weather, clothing for Ai Chi may include: bathing suit, water shirt, water tights, knit cap and for those needing extra warmth, a neoprene vest or jacket. In warm weather often only a bathing suit and sunscreen is necessary, though some like to add an SPF water shirt and hat to protect the skin from sun. 

The popular AquaFit is a small group personal training class with an emphasis on: functional movement, improvement of ADL’s (activities of daily living), postural and mobility improvement, and chronic pain reduction.  This class covers all the bases: proper breath technique, strength, balance, flexibility, agility and quickness – but then adds the extras of chronic pain management techniques, and understanding how your body makes healthy movements.  Each student receives individualized instruction, during class, to get the most from their workout.

This class is perfect for those who work during the day! It is a modifiable, high energy class that emphasizes cardio, endurance, and stretching while enjoying upbeat music.

Water yoga in the 90 degree warm pool includes balance training, stretching, breathing, and relaxation.  We combine traditional yoga poses and simple stretching but no previous yoga experience is required or necessary.  Everyone is welcome!  

High Intensity Interval Training program focused on building cardio, stamina, and strong abs. Class is taught at an advanced level and participants work at their own pace and build. High energy and inspiring. Come check us out!

Join our team whether you’re a brand new swimmer, an experienced swimmer just getting back into the water, or a regular swimmer looking to have fun and workout with a group. Want to learn more, come check out one of our workouts or contact us at

Learn the basics of the four strokes, technique, equipment use, workout terminology, and more. Lap swimming ability ranging from beginner to advance are welcome! 

$15, prior registration is required for this class.

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Christmas Eve - Close at 1:00pm

Christmas Day - Closed

Dec 26 - Open at 8am

New Years Eve - Close at 2pm

New Years Day - Closed



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