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History & Plans

In 2005, the Sonoma Valley high school swimming pool, which also served as the only public access community pool in Sonoma Valley, was abruptly closed. Soon after, an existing 501(c)3 nonprofit, The Sonoma Valley Health & Recreation Association was re-purposed to focus solely on building a community access aquatic facility for all Sonoma Valley residents; the nonprofit became known as Sonoma Splash.  We have finally succeeded with the Sonoma Valley high school partnership!
This is an excellent example of a partnership between a school district and a nonprofit to provide state-of-the-art facilities and programming for the community.

The Sonoma Valley Health & Recreation Association (known as Sonoma Splash) is committed to providing a sustainable, state of the art, multi-use aquatic and recreation facility accessible to all Sonoma Valley residents for aquatics education and safety, recreation, fitness, physical therapy, and family fun.

The original high school pool became unsustainable because of maintenance costs, and school district determined it needed to close the pool permanently in 2005.

Aquatic Center Design

The construction budget for the aquatic center, including two swimming pools, student locker rooms, community buildings and the supporting infrastructure on the high school campus, was approximately $15m.  Sonoma Splash contributed $1.5m to the project, and the Sonoma Valley Unified School District funded the remainder through community-approved bonds.

The aquatic center opened to the community on October 16, 2022.

The two-pool design was developed to accommodate use of the facility by the school district and the community at the same time, and to allow a wide range of uses and activities.  The aquatic center was designed to meet both the needs of the school district and the community while remaining financially sustainable.

The aquatic facility design includes a 16-lane competition pool and a 60’x30’ instructional pool.  In addition, there are pool equipment and maintenance buildings on site.

Operating costs are estimated to be between $200-300,000 per year.  Coverage of those expenses will be shared between the school district and Sonoma Splash.

Yes, both pools have standard ADA access points, and the instructional pool has a wheelchair ramp.  The locker rooms have been designed to be accessible for those with physical challenges.  

SVUSD Partnership

Both parties determined independently that building and managing a swimming pool would be financially challenging.  In discussions together, they quickly determined there was an opportunity to build a single aquatic facility that meets the needs of both the district and the community in a sustainable model.


Yes, the community has access to both the instructional and the competition pools during school hours for programming, such as learn-to-swim, senior movement, water therapy, etc.  

As part of our partnership with the school district, all visitors to the aquatic center will be asked for their ID  so that we can run a background check in accordance to the SVHS campus and student safety efforts.

Sonoma Splash has a dedicated, on-site Aquatics Manager overseeing the aquatic facility.  The programming schedule will be managed by an operating committee comprised of school district and Sonoma Splash representatives. 

Sonoma Splash has committed $1.5m to the development of the facility, and will generate net revenues through community programming that help offset annual expenses.

The Sonoma Valley Unified School District contributed 90% of capital costs and is providing access to the facility on school grounds to community members.  This is an excellent example of a partnership between a school district and a nonprofit to provide state-of-the-art facilities and programming for the community.

Student Programs & Activities

Initially, the school district will offer PE classes and special needs programming, and school sports such as swim team and water polo.

Yes, both school teams and community clubs practice and compete at the high school aquatic center.

This is an exciting opportunity for the SVUSD to develop a comprehensive aquatics program for all Sonoma Valley students! Initially high school students will have access as part of PE programming; over time other students may be included in district programs.

Community Memberships & Programming

Yes, annual, monthly and weekly passes are available and information on pricing can be found on the Passes page.

Yes, daily passes are available and information on pricing can be found on the Passes page of our website.

The current schedule can be found on the our Home page and Programming page of our website. 

There will be opportunities for community groups to rent the facility for events, and individual community members may be able rent the facility for birthday parties and other celebrations if the school and community schedule allows.

Yes, both for school league events and club sports.

Sonoma Splash has developed a robust catalog of swim lessons and other aquatic programming, as well as aquatic fitness classes for all age groups.

Sonoma Splash offers Financial Assistance for our Swim Lessons, Swim Camps, Water Polo, and Splashball programs to qualifying families.  For more information and to submit a request, see our Financial Assistance page.

Yes, we are open year-round! 

Yes, we have certified lifeguards on the pool deck anytime community members are in the water.

Ways Community Members Can Get Involved

There are a variety of ways the public can get involved by volunteering in support of Sonoma Splash and the Sonoma Valley High School Aquatic Center.  Sonoma Splash encourages you to volunteer or to financially support our scholarship programs. 

For those with a longer-term interest in sustaining a community aquatic center in Sonoma Valley, please consider serving as a Board or committee member. 

If you have partnership, programming or funding ideas, please contact Sonoma Splash here.

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