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Annual and monthly passes are available online by clicking the yellow “Click Here to Purchase a Pass” button below.

Day Passes may be purchased at the front window at the pool.  Save time a the window by signing our waiver online.  Click on the black “Sign our Waiver” button below.


sonoma-splash_400x100_logo ANNUAL MONTHLY
INDIVIDUAL $759 $69 $80 $15
SENIOR INDIVIDUAL $649 $59 $70 $10
COUPLE $1089 $99 $120
SENIOR COUPLE $979 $89 $100
FAMILY $1430 $130 $150
STUDENT $40 $45 $5

Individuals: 18+ years

Senior: 60+ years

Couple: Must include one individual 18/+ years and both must reside at same address

Senior Couple: Both must be 60+ years and both must reside at same address

Family: Must include at least 1 adult 18/+ years.  Maximum 3 adults, maximum 5 people.  All individuals must reside at same address.

Student: Individual must be 16-22 years.  Must provide valid student ID.  Individuals 16-17 years old must have parent/guardian co-sign pass.

Children: Under 2 years are free

Guardian: Adult accompanying a child, $10 Day Pass

Sign Digital Waiver
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Christmas Eve - Close at 1:00pm

Christmas Day - Closed

Dec 26 - Open at 8am

New Years Eve - Close at 2pm

New Years Day - Closed



Pool Pass Purchase Steps 

STEP 1: Click on the blue “Create an Account” button and create an account


To purchase a pool pass, click the REGISTER button below then follow these four steps: 

STEP 2: Click on "Register for Passes & Lessons!"


STEP 3: Under FILTERS, click on "Programs Groups", then check the "Passes" box


STEP 4: Add your preferred pass to your cart and checkout.


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