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Sonoma Splash offers a variety of water fitness classes in both the Warm Teaching Pool and the Competition Pool.  Times are subject to change, please check for updates.


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An aquatic exercise class using a series of slow graceful movements done with focused breath.


Please let Anastasia know about any medical issues you have, before you start class.

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“Senior clientele, those of any age with mobility issues due to injury or disease process, those exercising for the 1st time, and deconditioned adults are my specialty.   My work is grounded in exercise science. Some of my special studies, since 1988, include: the arthritis spectrum, breathwork, mobility, strength, flexibility, posture, gait, the fragile elder, precautions for shoulder, hip and knee replacements, self myofascial release, MS, Parkinson’s, chronic stroke, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain reduction, and kinesiology. I am dedicated to helping my clients improve their ability to move well, achieve their fitness goals and experience a sense of accomplishment.   Personally, I fell in love with athletics during my time at university as a way to de-stress from academic rigor. Martial arts, volleyball, swimming, ballet and yoga all added to my exercise menu, joining a lifelong love of hiking and tree climbing.”

Anita is a retired educator who was a skater, a gymnast, and even a desert motorcycle racer.  She participated in synchronized swimming during summers while in high school.  Currently, she is active in Bocce Sonoma on Friday nights, and working out at the pool whenever she can!  Teaching aqua aerobics and helping with swimming instruction with young students in the warm pool have become her latest passions.

I am a longtime resident of Sonoma Valley with over 30 years of certification teaching in the
fitness industry. Teaching is my passion and I love teaching Water Yoga! Water Yoga
combines the healing benefits of the warm pool with simple yoga stretches and poses. No yoga
experience is necessary however. All levels are welcome. I love what i do.
I am a certified Group Exercise Instructor with the American Council on Exercise, certified with
the Aquatic Exercise Association, Ai Chi certified, Water Yoga certified, and Zumba certified. I also hold a California Teaching Credential.

In 1989 I began teaching yoga in Sonoma. In 2001 I was introduced to Water Yoga and having loved it so much, I became certified and have been teaching ever since. Over the years I have also enjoyed Ai Chi as well, which is a form of Tai Chi in water. Since then, I have blended these two practices together, creating a poetry in motion within the Zen of water. Quieting our minds, and dropping into our senses we discover buoyancy and depth as we integrate balance, breath, and mobility within the weightlessness of 90 degree warm water. This practice is easy on the joints as it gently reconditions the muscle and encourages a greater range of motion. We naturally develop core strength while transforming within an ebb and flow of breath and movement. After Water Yoga, I always feel a sense of vitality, greater alignment and awareness of release in my body and mind. I then begin my day renewed, refreshed and with more clarity.

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Christmas Eve - Close at 1:00pm

Christmas Day - Closed

Dec 26 - Open at 8am

New Years Eve - Close at 2pm

New Years Day - Closed



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